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The executive hiring forecasts recede

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The executive hiring forecasts recede

Only one in two plans to recruit at least one frame in the coming months.

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Bad news for managers: their recruitment forecasts are down year on year in the second quarter of 2012, for the first time since 2009. Only one in two plans to recruit at least one frame in the coming months, 3 percentage points less than last year in the same period, according to the quarterly barometer of the Association for the employment of executives (APEC). They are also less likely than a year earlier 65% against 75% - to say "some" to do so.

Hiring intentions were not known to decline since the end of 2009. If one compares only the trends of the second quarter, we must go back to the 2nd quarter of 2009 to find a decrease, with a level of hiring intentions, however much lower (36%), emphasizes the Apec.

Consulting and business services suffers most from the decline in job prospects (-7 points), followed by industry (-6 points), and trade and transport (-4 points). By cons, optimism prevails in the area of ​​banking and insurance (+4 pts), where 86% of respondents say they actually hired the first quarter (11 percentage points more than the forecast).

Recruiters confident for the future

For Marie-Françoise Leflon, President of APEC, the decline is "linked to the lack of visibility on future growth in France." The manager believes that "it is still too early to say whether this decline will continue, recruiters surveyed being confident on improving the situation of their company in the coming months." 24% of recruiters believe in fact that the health of their business will improve and 11% that it will get worse, writes Apec.

And among those planning to recruit a constant proportion (43%) could hire a young graduate. "This stability is in itself an indicator of confidence in the future," said Apec.

Job postings entrusted to the association for their part continued to grow in the first quarter of 2012, with around 168,000 deals, up 30% from 2011 and "important differences" between sectors. The employment market executives had experienced a positive 2011, with 181,000 hires actually observed by Apec, 10% more than in 2010. But in the first quarter, companies were slightly less likely to hire at least one frame that a year ago (54% against 56%).

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The barometer is from a telephone survey conducted in March with a panel of 750 companies with over 100 employees, representing the private sector.

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