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The experiment "petrol mob" Greenpeace

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The experiment "petrol mob" Greenpeace

Oil continues to pour in large quantities every day in the Gulf of Mexico, at 1,500 m depth, since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon on 22 April. So far, BP, which operated the platform failed to plug the leak from the well.

AFP / Getty Images / John Moore

This Saturday, in 15 cities in France, Greenpeace activists provide the show, body oil spray. The operation - symbolic - is to warn about the consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Its organizers are inspired by the principle of "flash mob" these unexpected meetings "convened" through social networks like Twitter or Facebook, a said, in a so-called time to complete a specific action - as far as possible friendly and spectacular.

If usability side, smearing oil may leave a bitter taste to the protagonists, side show, the manipulation is perfectly orchestrated.

It has been known yesterday that a group of independent researchers embarked ten days aboard the Arctic Sunrise, a ship of the fleet Greenpeace has identified a 500 km surface and 1000 meters of crude oil slick mixed to gas.

What disprove the hypothesis of the disappearance of any oil around the Deepwater Horizon BP Group - as argued previously the British oil and the US government. And confirm the statements made in August, when a body of water 35km dirty oil had been spotted.


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