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The former jailer McCain supports his candidacy

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The former jailer McCain supports his candidacy

A picture taken in 1967 shows US Navy Airforce Major John McCain being white Examined by a Vietnamese doctor. John McCain, US presidential hopeful current, Was captured in 1967 at a lake in Hanoi After His Navy warplane Was beens downed by Northern Vietnamese Army DURING THE Vietnam War. One de son rescuers Said 24 February 2000 McCain Was Treated After well being white pulled from the lake by villagers. McCain Said That He Was beaten upon capture by an angry mob and bayoneted in the groin. (B / W ONLY) AFP PHOTO


Senator John McCain would surely fine support from his former North Vietnamese Tran Trong Duyet jailer. It has officially announced that if he was American, he would vote again for his former prisoner.

Senator of Arizona is actually known in the US for his exploits during the Vietnam War. His plane was shot down on a mission over Hanoi in 1967. He had managed to eject and was taken prisoner.

"We never tortured prisoners"

Shut up and tortured for almost six years, John McCain has built its legend of "Survivor" with the experience. Facts that his former jailer will not acknowledge. "We never tortured detainees. [...] It does not say the truth. But I can understand. He lies to American voters to get their support for the presidential election."

The old guard does not yet hold it against him ... "McCain is my friend," he said. The two men were discussed for long hours during the years of captivity Senator in the Hoa Lo prison.

Similar attacks were launched in 2004 to Democratic candidate John Kerry, himself a hero of Vietnam. It was then alleged to have Kerry participated very passively in the war, suggesting that his medals were not deserved. After verification, it had been obliged to recognize that these claims were false.

Declarations of Tran Trong Duyet are not taken very seriously by the American press, which remembers the "back" of Kerry. Especially as the torture of John McCain in Vietnam could hardly be questioned. A French journalist François Chalais, visited the sick on his hospital bed in 1967, taking several shots of him.

Regularly beaten, tied up and interrogated, John McCain has kept the legacy of his years in Vietnam. When his plane crash, he managed to eject breaking both arms and a leg. Injuries that his jailers refuse to treat as it does not supply military secrets. Even today, a scar on his cheek, his somewhat stiff gait and arms enkilosés recall his years of captivity.


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