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The Last Tiger red of the Indochina War

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The Last Tiger red of the Indochina War

Experiencing the fate of a battalion of army during the war in Indochina.

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Saigon, 1946. A battalion of army arrives to rally the French troops of "Indo". Men of all nationalities, all backgrounds - a former Wehrmacht, ex-resistant, mercenaries ... Among them, the young Charles Bareuil, sniper, engaged in the Balkans, where his wife was shot by Ustasha. But this is quickly confronted with a mysterious Occidental, as good a shot as he, the Vietminh service and nicknamed "Ong Cop" ("Tiger") ...

This is less intrigue than historical focal chosen by the very talented Jérémie Guez, 25, who are the salt of this thriller, strong, concise, without clichés. Victory Phu Tong Hoah (1948) to the defeat of Dien Bien Phu (1954), among an appearance of General Giap and the "Uncle Ho", experiencing the fate of these legionnaires says something about a war that exceeds, where solidarity is their last value.

The Last Tiger red, Jeremiah Guez. 10/18, 236p., € 7.10.

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