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The last trainings before a marathon

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The last trainings before a marathon

The final weeks of preparation for the marathon focus on recovery.

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A few weeks before the marathon, your training must evolve and focus on recovery. Shorten your sessions, but keep a good pace.

Lighten your program, but not too much

From fifteen days to three weeks before the big day, you will begin to lighten your marathon training program. It would be a pity to arrive at the starting line in a state of total exhaustion. Your sessions will therefore be shorter to better assimilate the hundreds of kilometers you drove from the beginning of your preparation. Be careful, if the sessions are shorter, they should maintain a high intensity. In addition to your endurance training, perform two to three meters with 800 marathon pace that you set. To summarize, particularly within ten days of the marathon, reduce your training volume by 75%, but still maintain your usual gaits.

No longer just out before the marathon

Recovery is the program, do not plan especially not long out one week before the stroke of the marathon. There is no time to test yourself on the total distance of the marathon. Such an effort in a week of the test could not be fully recovered. Do not try to compensate for a less rigorous training sessions accelerating in recent weeks, the effect will inevitably be detrimental to your performance. Conversely, do not interrupt your training.

The day before the marathon

More than a day before the big day. Be satisfied with a very light jogging 15 to 20 minutes at a brisk pace -between 70 and 75% of your next race pace. Limit your acceleration to two minutes. Finally, do not neglect stretching to think carefully about your run of the day and especially, think to cover you for not catching cold at the last moment.

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