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The look of André Kertész

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The look of André Kertész

Place de la Concorde (1928), André Kertész

Collection Robert Gurbo

It is one of the great photographers of the twentieth century. Budapest, where he was born in Paris, where he lived in the inter-war years, to New York, where he spent his last fifty years, André Kertész (1894-1985) has been developing an unusual look, full of poetry, as this retrospective shows. His first pictures, tiny, preserve the memory of his family; then come those soldiers which he shared daily on the front. In Paris, Kertész fixed small events of the street runs portraits, often shifted, he meets artists as Mondrian, he evokes the presence of glasses and a pipe on a table. Kertész, one feels, like dawdle. He marvels at the most innocuous entertainment, but also experimenting, playing with reflections, shadows and effects. Under his goal, everything becomes emotion. His New York photographs retain the same spirit. They do not realize the architecture or neighborhood life but immortalize fireplaces and fire stairs, or a cloud passing a skyscraper. "I interpret what I feel at some point, he said. Not what I see but what I feel."

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