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"The pay gap between men and women is the most urgent construction to process"

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"The pay gap between men and women is the most urgent construction to process"

On the occasion of the Day of Women's Rights, lawyer Mary-Daphne Fishelson analyzes the implications of the draft law on gender equality.

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The draft law on gender equality it contains crucial advances for women's right to work?

It gives us a framework, a number of measures are certainly considered, in particular to promote parenting support, but will they really effective? On the reform of parental leave, it remains that the money allocated for the supplement for free choice of activity (transformed into shared provision of education of the child paid, ie) are still quite low, to 388.19 euros per month in case of total cessation of activity, and 572.81 euros if the person does not receive the basic allowance.

Moreover, it is to say that the State emphasizes the necessary development effort of host early childhood structures, but it would really do it, it is now very low. Similarly, the possibility of using part of their time savings account (CET) to fund childcare for example is probably a good idea but all companies are not equipped with the CET.

So we will disadvantage women who do not benefit those working in smaller companies, often with the lowest incomes. It is certainly a step forward, but the support systems in place may not be possible to meet the intent of the law.

The bill also prohibits meet the procurement or obtaining public service contracts for companies that do not comply with the provisions on gender equality. Do you think this is incentive?

I am a little divided on this provision, I think it's actually a way to encourage companies to meet their obligations. But it is also a risk factor, as it greatly hinders the conclusion of public contracts for certain companies face significant challenges, financial and employment.

But as corporate social responsibility (CSR), this will encourage I think companies to meet their obligations in terms of professional equality. Even if I see a risk, I think it may need to go through it ....

At your avi, what priority projects are there today to advance women's right to work?

The yards are now more societal than legislation. A true culture of equality in the workplace should be encouraged, which will largely CSR. Companies feel compelled to competitive challenges of the value. They realize that it is better for their performance and their image, that some markets they may be closed if they can not demonstrate to their customers the respect of equality.

But the priority remains that of the pay gap. Legal texts exist for a long time, but equal, equal position equal qualifications, women continue to earn less than men. This is partly due to the backlog, by inequalities suffered by employees who are in business for years and years ... But the other reason is that women are still employed at lower rates than men. Probably also because they do less a subject than their male counterparts, they defend less.

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