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The railway traffic is gradually returning to normal

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The railway traffic is gradually returning to normal

Social movement of the train, October 2009.

REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol

Rail traffic will gradually return to normal by Saturday morning, said Friday on France 2 SNCF president Guillaume Pepy. SNCF ad for Friday afternoon improved on the whole network including 8-9 in 10 TGV from or to Paris and 1 TER 2. A TGV province-province in two is expected in the afternoon -Midi. Transilien networks (Ile-de-France), Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria run normally.

"No general meeting has renewed the movement", said on France 2 Guillaume Pepy. "The traffic will gradually resume (...) it should be normal in the late evening or tomorrow (Saturday) hand," he said. "If we can shift his trip is better", recommended Mr. Pepy. A hotline has been set up (0 805 90 36 35). The direction of the station received Friday morning turns railway unions. "The UNSA was released in wishing the recovery, the CGT has clearly stated that she did not want the right to withdraw or manipulated," continued Guillaume Pepy.

Seven sectors of the SNCF, including Lyon and Paris-Gare de Lyon, have already decided on Friday morning to resume work, said the direction of the station in mid-day. Controllers Paris-Gare de Lyon, Lyon, La Rochelle, Reims, Chambéry, Dijon - which depends Besançon, where occurred the Thursday controller aggression - and Toulouse have made this decision, said the leadership of SNCF.

SNCF Besançon controllers have voted to lift their "right of withdrawal" and therefore had to return to work at noon, without checking the tickets of passengers, said Jean-Noël Barbiaux, CGT. "We decided at a general meeting to resume working at noon," said the trade unionist. "Our colleagues from Dole made the same decision."

After the attack Thursday on a Lyon-Strasbourg Bernard Mortelier a 54 controller, helicopter and operated in Besançon, many agents have exercised their right of withdrawal and "put the bag." The attacker placed in custody, must be examined by a psychiatrist.

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