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The UMP primary for mayor of Paris is debate

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The UMP primary for mayor of Paris is debate

Who will chair the Council of Paris in just over a year? The UMP hope this will be their candidate. Still have to organize the open primary for the designated.

AFP / Bertrand Guay

This is not all to agree on the principle, then remains to agree on the terms of application.

While we thought the UMP federation Paris for once pacified around the candidacy, more than likely, Nathalie Kosicusko-Morizet for municipal and holding an open primary, the dissensions resurfacing.

Sunday in the JDD, Philippe Goujon, President of the "Fed", unveiled the rules of this election: an open primary, a participation fee of two euros, two rounds held between mid-April and mid May and flexible sponsorship system.

In the process, some executives have criticized the process. "We have a candidate who arrives in February (NKM, note) and said the primary should be organized in April, I call it a coup and self-designation," said Councillor Paris Pierre-Yves Bournazel. "If this primer is sloppy, it will not allow the candidate or the candidate designated to be legitimized," said one who wishes himself seek the nomination of his party.

The president of the UMP group in the Council of Paris Jean-François Legaret also challenged the calendar. "There is no reason that can explain such a rush. The purpose of the primary is to avoid the plurality of applications. For this to work it is necessary that the rule is accepted by all the candidates." The Paris mayor also expressed "cautious" about the use of electronic voting to carry out the consultation. "I still have not figured out how to open a primary electronically were organized. This implies that we receive a secret personal code. I do not see how you can send all voters a secret code," a-t- he said.

The councilor of Paris, which has not ruled to be himself a candidate, stressed the importance of success this democratic exercise, after the "nightmare scenario" of the election for the presidency of the UMP.

Philippe Goujon said Monday morning on the sidelines of the Council of Paris that the UMP might appeal to "service providers who can arrange this perfectly, including the Post Office."

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