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The Unknown, Bronzed ... Why comeback film are always hiccups

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The Unknown, Bronzed ... Why comeback film are always hiccups

20 years after "The Three Brothers, returning" Bernard Campan, Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus ...

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Three brothers, return, Bronzed 3 friends for life, Indiana Jones 4, Star Wars 1. 2. 3 ... Do not lie, we all have expected at least one of them eagerly. And at the finish, the result was at best mixed, at worst, an immeasurable disappointment. Nothing more normal. Analysis of an inexorable process.

"We gave in to pressure from the fans"

No matter what the key stakeholders, not when a producer, director or actor decide 10, 15 or even 25 years after their movie became cult put the cover, it is not only to "please the fans "because they had" a terrible desire to work together again "or" because they still had so much to say. " This is obviously often for money. And without primary otherworldliness, the amount that takes this argument in the start pulse often influences the accuracy and quality of the result. Glaring examples: Bronzed 3, The Three Brothers, the return, even Monday night assured in the Unknowns Le Grand Journal claimed not to have much in the beginning, relying instead on the results at the box office ...

The "recipe": the almost certain failure ...

Fort plebiscite and the pressure they are under, the production teams have only one motto: "Do not disappoint the fans." The original movie is dissected, analyzed, scanned to understand what has pleased the audience, all of his will find in the next installment. This approach, in principle laudable, unfortunately tends to induce the effect "recipe". Once the film is thought of as a scholar must-dosage, winks, references, a little of this, a lot of it, "because that's what appeals" to the fans, the wall warmed and lack of surprise comes dangerously close. Example: Three brothers, return.

A disproportionate waiting ... Harder is the fall

"Plus it's long, it's good?" The adage is not always true, especially for comeback film. The longer the wait, the greater the fan is intractable, not tolerating that he was deprived of his object of desire (because it can not be otherwise) as long as to refine and chiseling a new masterpiece. The chances of finding thanks to its ultra-demanding eyes thus reduce proportionally up to the time and sparked hope. Example: Star Wars I, II and III, Bronzed 3 Indiana Jones 4.

The effect "Madeleine", but the viewer changes

In most cases, the original movie was seen during childhood or adolescence, became a fan of the viewer. 20 years later, it is obviously the same. His look, his convictions and his tastes have changed. It is therefore more enthusiasm about the same things, or in the same way. And often that love in a movie is the memory of the period in his life when he saw that the film itself. Examples: Star Wars I, II and III.

... And the actors also

Ah, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: He's handsome, athletic, his story is a wild ride with no downtime. 27 years after, the race is already softer and charm is somewhat evaporated. And if some, like Bronzed 3, trying to "surf" the inevitable decay, the damage is done. Another example: The Three Brothers, return.

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