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The worst week of my life

February 20 category:TV
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The worst week of my life

Julie Ferrier, Bruno Salomone, Elodie Frenck

Cécile ROGUE / M6

1. Bruno Salomone is bent. Funny, then. Luckily, since it plays the typical victim of an atrocious week. A groom who accumulates blunders and damage with a precision metronome in the presence of her parents. Or even the silences Salomone are hilarious. If in addition it causes ...

2. Kader Aoun is smart. With this week ... More worse, the producer of Jamel Comedy Club has adapted a British hit series, The Worst Week of My Life. Some smart adjustments frenchie sauce and the case is in the bag.

3. The supporting roles are not bitten worms either. Charlotte de Turckheim, Didier Flamand, Patrick Bouchitey, Julie Ferrier, Micheline Dax and Alex Lutz send replicas as snipers. And, damn, what it's good!

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