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Tim Willocks, Alexandre Dumas reviewed by James Ellroy

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Tim Willocks, Alexandre Dumas reviewed by James Ellroy

Literary chronicle of François Busnel.


We thought everything about the St. Bartholomew: the massacre of Protestants, conflicts and palace intrigue, madness of King Charles IX ("Kill them all!" Would he exclaimed, throwing himself Signal carnage) ... Well, no! Here is one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of France placed in its geopolitical context and its hateful violence, hour by hour. We owe this feat to a novelist whose evocative power is exceptional. Tim Willocks, Alexandre Dumas reviewed by James Ellroy! A master of suspense with a sense of realism gets every sentence.

On the evening of August 23, 1572, Matthias Tannhauser, former janissary of Sultan Istanbul, Knight of the Order of Malta, arms dealer and opium, arrives in Paris. He picks his wife. The latter, musician, pregnant, came to sing at the wedding of the sister of the King of France with the Protestant Henry of Navarre. The city discovers Tannhauser is a cesspool boiling.

Paris dominated by fanaticism and paranoia

Tim Willocks describes a city that is at once the most beautiful city in the world and an open sewer where languishing a population stunned by the humidity of summer and the stench stench given off the streets and docks, where the fanaticism and paranoia reign supreme, and is waiting for a spark to explode. That spark, Tannhauser crowd she's about to shoot when he meets Retz, the personal advisor of King, able to work for peace as a cause of war. Indifferent to political, Maltese mercenary him of his conception of justice: "A king who can not kill his dearest friends for the good of his people is not a king."

A few hours later, the body of Admiral Coligny, the leader of the Reform Party, is butchered in front of his mansion. And here's Tannhauser, looking for his beloved, he believes murdered in the middle of a huge mass grave. It is wearing a curious crew: children of all ages, it collects and aggregates after him.

Tim Willocks rewrote Dante's Inferno by transposing in Paris wars of religion and of course in miracles. Epic and metaphysical, that great adventure novel led the ultraviolent mode is enchanting.

Twelve Children of Paris by Tim Willocks, translated from English by Benjamin Legrand. Sonatine, 940p., 24 €.

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