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Top Chef Episode 11: Fabien returned to Martigues an unfortunate omelette

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Top Chef Episode 11: Fabien returned to Martigues an unfortunate omelette

Jean-Philippe, Aurélie Hemar and Cyril Lignac will overlook the Top Chef.

J.Knaub / M6

Cramées of shallots? "It's okay," tempers Naoëlle, Top Chef candidate undergoing the storm of the first event, around the offal and duet with M6 facilitators. "I knew it would make you happy," quips Alexandre Pesle before the chief eyebrows furrowed strong on his feet before hare.

A few meters away, the facilitator Aurélie Hemar trouble with his kitchen knife with two hands or when his Belgian tutor, Jean-Philippe, away two seconds. His pie beef heart and citrus sauce holds the manic "She cares above all, the carnage!" laments there when dressing the dish, miming gestures to Pollock.

In the end, Yoni and his brain (lamb, not his), served with mushrooms and shiitake mushroom sauce and cocoa, win immunity, with a place in the semifinals.

Second test, make a carpaccio, which will be judged by "THE" master of the genre as M6, the winner of the previous Top Chef, Jean Imbert. Carpaccio of ratatouille Naoëlle with its garlic and worked firings, bluffing the jury. "It was the best," added Jean Imbert.

Crac, so this is the unwavering deputy head of Bristol which continues its walkover in Top Chef.

Florent, Fabien and Jipé, it will Neighbours Day as a third challenge: is cooking in private homes. Two Martine and Preston welcome their guest chefs in their kitchen. They each went shopping as their inspiration. The correct number appears to be the American Preston, over-equipped and fan of French cuisine Jean-Philippe is quite happy. Unlike Fabien, struggling with a kitchen, creepy and chubby bric-a-brac at one of the two Martine.

Coconut milk cod JP and Fabien green tabbouleh were vain fly from jurors, Florent wins the jackpot. "Whatever happens now, it will be a bonus," he enthuses. "Nice story," commented Ghislaine Arabian emphatic on the pair Martine Florent.

In last chance, the turkey is star. Turkey leg "fight" with sot-l'y-leash (very fine piece of flesh located above the rump of the beast) powder at Jean-Philippe. Rolled turkey, soy sauce and butternut for Fabien. Rha, dilemma for the jury, unable to decide between the two candidates.

Then their fate will be decided, crying injustice, over 15 minutes, during which perform a mushroom omelette. "We worked like idiots for an hour and maybe we will go for an omelette!" Gets angry Belgian Jipé . Savant montage effect Fabien seems happy with his way palace recipe, while JP prepares "at home", convinced its next elimination. Well lost! It is his competitor who leaves for Martigues. Looks like the Suuuud.

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