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Tribute Pierre Paulin

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Tribute Pierre Paulin

For the key figure of French design, disappeared Saturday at the age of 81 years.

O. Amsellem / AFP

The man was not always convenient. He had some anger in him, added immeasurably thirst for recognition. Despite his great successes (The Pompidou Elysée), Pierre Paulin has always had the feeling that France, too reactionary, had passed off its modernity. But in recent years, it was again everywhere, adored by a young generation for whom it was an indisputable master furniture engineering. Given the honor by many exhibitions (at the Villa Noailles, the Gobelins) and beautiful reprints (with Ligne Roset), he was seen smiling, happy to be finally recognized at fair value designer-inventor. The self-taught sculptor who dreamed.

Over time, the hunk of the 1970s had built the shell of a mountain. German-speaking Switzerland, as he liked to recall, it was entrenched, with his wife and accomplice Maia unwavering in his house Cevennes he had built with his own hands. Inside, we sat on her Mushrooms, her Tongue or Ribbon (he hated names, given by the manufacturer). You have to sit in a chair by Pierre Paulin to measure his talent. Not only man revolutionized the furniture using as a structure of elastic tissue, but it has given birth to some of the most comfortable seats of the twentieth century, under the eternal challenge to combine ergonomics and aesthetics. "I've never drawn that useful things and serving the public," he liked to say.

For that and for the rest. Thank you Mr. Paulin.


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