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Turkey: Erdogan remains the favorite in his home district, though ...

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Turkey: Erdogan remains the favorite in his home district, though ...

In Istanbul, close to Taksim Square, where thousands of protesters demanding the resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the number of inhabitants of the district Kasimpacha popular support its mission. But not all.

Gokan Gunes

Köksal Güler hosts lunch with an impatient growl. "One type Tayyip gold!" Exclaims the shoemaker aged 61 before greedily attack his "kuru Fasulye" - white beans accompanied by rice, a popular dish of popular origin Turks.

As everyone here Köksal first-name Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They grew up together in the steep streets of Kasimpacha, a popular neighborhood located a stone's throw from Taksim Square, where most women are veiled. A vacant lot, a little further, chickens compete garbage. "It was a popular boy in the neighborhood. He helped people when he could and he was good at football," recalls Köksal.

While tens of thousands of Turks call for the resignation of Prime Minister, in several large cities, here, people show an unwavering loyalty to the old neighborhood kid. Along the streets, the imprint of the AKP (Justice and Development Party, Christian-conservative) and its leader are ubiquitous. Flags of the party colors are hung along the sidewalks, and the stage of the local football team was renamed there are few Stadium Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"Since Tayyip was elected, everything's getting better," says Köksal. Before being shoemaker, he traveled the city for twenty years as a taxi driver. "There are ten or fifteen years, the roads were muddy here. Tayyip brought us the asphalt and dignity," he added.

Suit, tie and iPad in hand, Mehmet Uygur also defended vigorously the Turkish Prime Minister: "Before, Turkey was a backward country Today, textbooks are free and hospitals are built.." But the lawyer of 36 years, it is especially the fight against corruption which provides support for Erdogan. "After the great 1999 earthquake (which was about 20,000 deaths, ie), the Red Crescent arrived in the neighborhood. But aid did not even have tents to distribute us, he recalls. The money was been hijacked. "

"At age kids who are on the street, I was at the front," added Köksal showing off his ID card, which is written in red capital letters the word "Gazi" veteran. He participated in the invasion of Cyprus in 1974. "What are they complaining? I think they are manipulated by radical groups"

Not all are of this opinion. Seated on the terrace of a café, Ismail, 48, play okey, a game similar rummy, very popular in Turkey. This seller of motorcycle spare parts, acknowledges that "the police response was disproportionate." Two protesters died since the beginning of the movement, and representatives of the protest demanded the dismissal of police chiefs from cities across the country. "Demonstrations like this are good for democracy, he said. But we still need to Erdogan."

"Many people in the neighborhood think Tayyip is being wrong, for his part Nursev, who runs a bakery a few meters from the building where Erdogan grew up. But they are afraid of being on a list the AKP, which controls access to the job here. " Nursev, which opposes any "invasion of privacy" discreetly supports the protesters on Facebook.

Turkish Prime Minister returned Thursday from a three-day tour in the Maghreb. Protesters promised to organize a welcoming committee worthy of the name. "It is not the kind of man to fail for so little, smiled Köksal. After all, he is one of us."

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