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Turkey: Erdogan wants to "close the lid on society"

November 18 category:Europe
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Turkey: Erdogan wants to "close the lid on society"

A week after the Twitter network, the Turkish government has blocked access to YouTube on Thursday after the webcast recording a confidential meeting citing Turkish military intervention in Syria.

REUTERS / Umit Bektas

How to explain the attitude of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after banning Twitter, has ordered the blocking of Youtube?

Because the government is increasingly under pressure from social networks that distill every day since mid-December, revelations about corruption and now a possible military operation in Syria. If proven, these leaks on a conversation that took part Foreign Minister and the head of the intelligence services also show the degree of infiltration of "Gülenistes" (Brotherhood of the influential Fethullah Gülen) in the state apparatus.

Can he succeed?

Turkey is one of the countries in the world where the most used Twitter. The reaction of Internet users after the decision to block the microblogging site showed that these attempts are futile.

This attempt to regain control is not limited to the media ...

Erdogan hopes to get out of this standoff head high. It is in a polarization logic, a real flight forward. He imagines that he will be able to close the lid on Turkish society. But it is cut off from the country's reality. He dons the legitimacy conferred during the last legislative elections, where his party, the AKP had won 49.3% of votes. This legitimacy -that no one questions him, not even the young people who were demonstrating about Gezi Park summer dernier- gives him the right, he thinks, deciding everything. This drift is worrying. Erdogan calls into question the rule of law in Turkey.

The recent crisis and tension on social networks she may have consequences for the municipal Sunday?

It's almost impossible to predict. Some polls give him a score of 40%, but none of these institutes is really independent. However, the prime minister still has a strong social and electoral base. Turkey remains a conservative country. The AKP has certainly helped to revolutionize the mode of operation of the company, not just in major urban centers. These changes may also cause a decrease of reaction in a part of the population.

Since the beginning of the crisis in December, in any case, there were very few resignations within the AKP. Erdogan also benefits from the weakness of the opposition. She was unable to take advantage of the challenge last summer, unable to offer an alternative. As for the "Gülenistes", not sure if they penetrate the state apparatus to be reflected in the polls. They gave instructions variables votes from one city to the other, making it even more complex attempt any forecast. Finally we should not measure those outcomes only in the light of recent legislation but also to those of the last local elections, six years ago, when his party won 38% of the vote. A score of 40% which could be considered by Erdogan as carte blanche.

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