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TV Series: "Why I stopped watching a Half Men"

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TV Series: "Why I stopped watching a Half Men"

TELE SERIES - Our zappeuse pushes a rant against the new version of Half Men, after the departure of the iconic Charlie Sheen.


After years of loyal service, episode 8 of season 10 got the better of me, Two And a Half Men I quit you!

We must first put things in context Half Men is an American sitcom launched by CBS in 2003 and released in France by the chain of known safe taste in series. Canal +. In itself, the series had nothing original on paper: it took over the classics of American sitcoms springs in both the screenplay and in the choice of the characters. These characters are nevertheless the ones who made the success of the series brilliantly performed by the drĂ´lissime Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer excellent, all carried by dialogues both hilarious and politically incorrect. A funny series, which even modern without really knew how to make us renew faithful to positions for nearly 10 years.

But then, Charlie has left a Half Men, kindly thanked by production following the escapades that could be followed diligently in the tabloids and replaced by true-beautiful-but-less-funny Ashton Kutcher. So yes, the screenwriters have kept their sharp pen, but the heart is no longer in any case the viewers side.

In the end, my reasons for rejection and hearing the falls of the chain in the United States can be explained in three points:

* The departure of the main character that formed a perfect pair of comedy with Jon Cryer. Dynamics I love you / me neither justifiable brothers but more difficult to understand and make it relevant with a new character.

* The discreet but no more noticed the other characters on which stood the series: Berta, the mother of Charlie and Allan, Jake, Judith ... Pawns scriptwriting essential to the success of the sitcom.

* Finally, breathlessness expected of a series aired for nearly 10 years and whose very history does not so much renewal. The arrival of the new character and scene changes are made nothing, although still occasionally smiling face some replicas, I am well and truly tired.

Far from discouraged the series has been, and remains today a cult hit for me (I even recommend it to those who would never have had the opportunity to cast a look), I'm just saying goodbye to a series that I, warned Zappeuse, no longer recognizes. Disappointed, I'm done with them before they have finished with us.

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