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United Airlines will transport more monkeys Laboratory

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United Airlines will transport more monkeys Laboratory

A United Airlines plane at Newark Airport.

REUTERS / Gary Hershorn

The airline company United Airlines is committed to no longer carry apes used as guinea pigs by the laboratories, announced Tuesday a group of animal rights.

"The new policy (United Airlines) states that the company does reserve accepts or does not carry primates or from a laboratory," said the association Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in a statement.

The information was confirmed by United Airlines in an email to AFP. The company added that it also refused to transport monkeys between zoos.

PETA said that Air Canada was in the process of adopting the new practice. "In North America, there is no longer any big airline that book monkeys to laboratories", welcomed the association.

"We will continue to increase pressure on the few foreign companies, now four in number, who pursue these inhumane practices," said the vice-president of the association, Kathy Guillermo.

According to PETA, this is Air France, China Eastern Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

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