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VIDEO. Michael Dos Santos of Champigny-sur-Marne in the Islamic state

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VIDEO.  Michael Dos Santos of Champigny-sur-Marne in the Islamic state

The French Michael Dos Santos, a member of the Islamic state group has been identified as one of jihadists who beheaded Syrian soldiers.

Doubt is no longer permitted. A second French took part, alongside Maxime Hauchard, the beheadings Peter Kassig and 18 other hostages orchestrated by the Islamic state terrorist organization. According to the Paris prosecutor, "precise and consistent evidence" has identified Michael Dos Santos, a French 22-year-old from Champigny-sur-Marne, near Paris. It would have also been recognized by his mother on the images.

Experts from the region are still divided on its presence among the torturers. According to researcher Romain Caillet and reporter David Thomson, who both jihadist movements, the man in question speaks fluent Arabic. Michael Dos Santos could he have in a year acquire such mastery of the language? According to their sources, it might be actually a local jihadist. On Twitter, David Thomson says that four sources of the Islamic State tell him "it's a Syrian, a certain Abu Umaryn."

The prosecutor still open on Monday an investigation for "murder band organized in connection with a terrorist enterprise" against two French nationals on the video.

Conversion to adolescence

According to the prosecution, the young man went to Syria to join the terrorist organization in August 2013. A trip he conceives no return if we are to believe the word of farewell left his parents and revealed by Le Parisien. "Thank you for all you have done for me. I will never oublirai. Converted to Islam Mom you and you will have happiness. Converted you to Ishmael (sic) and will be in heaven!"

As Maxime Hauchard, Michael Dos Santos converted to Islam as a teenager. Among the 1132 French involved in jihadist activities in France, 23% were not raised in the Muslim culture, notes the Ministry of Interior. According to a journalist than 20 minutes, it would be from a Portuguese Catholic family.

Since arriving in Syria, he distinguished himself by participating in numerous violent actions, as evidenced by his Twitter account. * On the last one - several have been removed - seen repeatedly asking beside corpses or take full hand the head of his victims. Images of rare violence cohabiting with captions that are intended humorous. Thus, the picture of a man whose decapitated head was resting on his knees, he wrote: "If you want to be successful like him, fighting the Islamic state".

It also seems that Michael Dos Santos could be the man who appears in a video posted by the Islamic State in mid-October. He exhorted his "brothers" to commit attacks. "So many bombs you dropped in Iraq and Sham [Syria], you have as much killing as many killings, as our brother Mohamed Merah. You're afraid of a brother, there will thousands and thousands in the future. " Dressed in a military combination with a weapon, he appellait "all the brothers who live in France" to "kill any civilian."

* We decided not to broadcast his pseudonym Twitter: it's not just propaganda for jihad but also published photos of a rare violence.

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