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VIDEO. Nuclear: two Greenpeace activists arrested in the central Bugey

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VIDEO.  Nuclear: two Greenpeace activists arrested in the central Bugey

The operator of the nuclear plant of Bugey, EDF, denies any challenge to the security of the premises.

EDF stated, the safety of its facilities "at no time been questioned" on the Bugey nuclear power plant. However, a Greenpeace activist flew over and was introduced on Wednesday morning on the site with a paramotor.

"Security measures were strengthened in late 2011 enabled detection and immediate apprehension of the perpetrator of the intrusion," EDF said in a statement.

Two Greenpeace activists, including one who was flying paramotor, were arrested outside the plant site. In a statement, the DGGN specifies that the second person arrested "could have guided the vehicle's driver."

What happened exactly? A lightweight motorized vehicle (ULM) flew on Wednesday the Bugey plant in Ain 7:38, detailed the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN) before "ask the perimeter depositing a smoke."

The pilot was "immediately identified and arrested at 7:46" by the Platoon safety and protection of the gendarmerie (PSPG) responsible for the supervision and protection of the plant. "He was placed in custody for breach overview of a nuclear power plant and penetrate the security perimeter."

"The speed of the intervention of the security services has demonstrated the effectiveness and relevance of the protection device in place," the statement concluded the DGGN. A version denied by Greenpeace. The NGO says he warned, on its own, the gendarmerie a paramotor flying over the nuclear plant.

Weigh the countryside

This is not the first time that Greenpeace uses this punch method to echo his fight against nuclear power. "We wanted to illustrate an external aggression, kind fall air," said Sophia Majnoni, in charge of nuclear issues at Greenpeace France. "The objective of this action, details the NGOs, is to send a message to the two candidates for president who deny the risk of nuclear power."

"Since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, says Greenpeace, joined by, no investigation has been conducted in France on the risks of human origin to nuclear power plants. Specifically, we demand that they initiate an audit Complete the risks of human origin, as was the case in Germany or Switzerland. "

In addition, the environmental group claims to have flown over the nuclear reprocessing site Areva La Hague in late 2011, and released a video of the flyover.

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