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Villepin will present his new party, an eye on 2012

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Villepin will present his new party, an eye on 2012

French Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime minister Dominique de Villepin was expected Held ceremony at the Pantheon in Paris, France, on January 18, 2007 Honoring Nearly 3,000 French people (called Expired 'Righteous') Who rescued Jews from the Nazis DURING World War Two.


Dominique de Villepin perfectly chosen his timing. A few days after the rout of the UMP in regional, he launched his own party on Thursday morning.

According to the former Minister Chirac Brigitte Girardin, host Club Villepin, "he will give his analysis and announce how we will organize in the weeks and months ahead."

The party, which we do not yet know the name, will be brought to the baptismal font at a club meeting in June.

Dominique de Villepin's comments are also expected on the appointment to government of one of his relatives, Georges Tron, the Public Service. An "open" to the right of Nicolas Sarkozy seen as a maneuver to crack the presidential clan Villepin, which measures the potential threat at a time when the majority involves veiled his choices and his style.

But the gesture does not change the motivations of "Villepin." "We will continue to criticize," says the deputy François Goulard, pointing out that Georges Tron obeyed a personal approach.

"It's a non-event," added Jean-Pierre Grand. "It does us absolutely no shakes," says Brigitte Girardin.

With popularity polls that place regularly over the head of state, Dominique de Villepin speaks again two months after the end of the trial Clearstream, which resulted in the acquittal of former prime minister.

But prosecutors appealed, announcing a new judicial episode even overgrown path to 2012 that was said, as he left the court, determined to "serve the French and contribute in a spirit of recovery at the rally of France. "

"Before the hour is not the time"

The first step of his political ascent solo was taken in the fall of 2009 with the creation of his club. Very active on the internet, it boasts 15,000 members.

Whether in the media or the corridors of the National Assembly, the voice "Villepin" is relayed by a dozen UMP as Hervé Mariton, François Goulard, Marie-Anne Montchamp, Jacques Le Guen and Jean-Pierre Grand.

Too fragmented supports - for now - to make it a political base.

Dominique de Villepin, who has never run for office voter was able to test his popularity in recent months in high-profile moves.

We saw share tea and honey cakes with a combination of a tough neighborhood of Seine-Saint-Denis, and brandishing a piglet in Finistère farm with this pic murders falsely enigmatic: "It does not remind you of somebody one? "

Every time we spoke to him in 2012, Dominique de Villepin advocated far off topic. "Before the hour is not the time," he told the Agricultural Fair.

The tone he will change on Thursday? "You have to let time take its course," said Jean-Pierre Grand. The creation of a new movement out UMP leaves anyway skeptical majority party.

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