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Violence PSG under the stands, tribes

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Violence PSG under the stands, tribes

Paris' supporters Run After anti riot Police lancé tear gas in front of the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris prior to the start of the French L1 soccer match Paris vs Marseille, on February 28, 2010. AFP PHOTO LOIC VENANCE


It is a story in the air. A matter of territory, identity, and hate too, where it is discovered that stage may tear into a fratricidal conflict: Parisians against Parisians, "Boulogne" against "Auteuil" tribune against tribune. And a man, in the heart of the battle, in a coma since February 28: Yann L., 38, alias "Big Yann," a guy from Boulogne, severely beaten by those ashore opposite. Why? How? To find out, we must return to the corners of 5000 to 6000 places each ...

All these fans then are not violent, but they share a strong sense of belonging to a community, a story. That of "Boulogne", begun in the early 1980s, was written in violence and a more or less virulent nationalism. With two outstanding episodes in recent years: the death in 2006 of a Paris fan killed by a police officer; and deployment in 2008 of an anti-chtis banner sanctioned by the dissolution of Boulogne Boys (650 members), without being a leader either.

"We took it on the chin without saying anything"

This sanction has not solved anything because Boys were never the most radical elements of Boulogne. The real core defies structure and consists of Independents: 150 to 300 men, 20 to 40 years who claim hooligans and seek to confront their counterparts in opposing clubs. Some of the oldest, have a band called "Casual Firm" (FC), in reference to their manner of dress (shirt or polo shirt brand, black sneakers ...). "Big Yann" precisely belongs to the CF.

Auteuil hand, the scenario is different. It was not until the early 1990s that it develop ultra groups highly organized but peaceful (Supras, Lutece Falco ...), whose priority remained the football, not the rumble. Under their leadership, the platform has become the crucible of the stadium, including young people from all backgrounds, from all backgrounds. Long Boulogne has shown contempt for the newcomers. "The Independents were the law says one of them, we took it on the chin without ever saying anything."

Over time, Auteuil stands apart, at the risk of upsetting Boulogne in his supremacy. In the early 2000s, the emergence of an anti-racist group, the Tigris Mystic, causes a conflict with the Independents. Brawl brawl, they prevail: in 2006, the Tigris dissolve their association. Many young Auteuil then feel that the club and governments bow to the "fascists" of Boulogne.

After a period of lull, hostilities resumed in 2008. Several trips lead to clashes. Whose fault is it? Each side accuses the other. The club, he went to the obvious: "nice" Auteuil won in insurance; they allow themselves to do more, and sometimes take the lead. Leaders say even notice the rise of young people from the cities with their own culture of "street".

The security official dismissed

This development, coupled with political unrest, dope anger Boulogne. Once again, the Independents are the first line: February 28, before the match against OM, they are leading the charge against Auteuil, outside the stadium. Some shout "Red White Blue, France for the French!" "They were reassembled block, a witness says, they had their dose of violence. Not to mention that many of them had taken coke. Then, they were surprised by the response of Auteuil and Yann remained the mat. "

Since then, both sides are in shock. Auteuil hand, we still wonder what could push Boulogne executives to launch the raid seen as a "point of no return." Boulogne side, it is time to silence and "family support Yann." But this world of ultra-violence is so that a cycle of retaliation is feared, the park or in town. Police preparing for, yet she accumulated failures on the front of the Parisian hooliganism.

Thus, the imposing system set up on February 28 was so ineffective that his charge was dismissed in the following days. These failures were preceded by many others at PSG matches province. In Sochaux, Lille, prefects and police, faced with the arrival of Independents, had the happy idea of ​​placing them on the same bleachers than their rivals! The failure of the intelligence services is equally obvious. In Paris, the former RG have very specific knowledge of the leaders (especially Boulogne side). But what results?


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