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Violence, sea serpent of Education

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Violence, sea serpent of Education

SCHOOL VIOLENCE - School violence has become an issue in the education policy.

REUTERS / Eric Gaillard

Hundreds of kilometers separate the College Jean Rostand in Vendée, that of Seyne-sur-Mer in the Var and the IUT of Villeneuve d'Ascq. These three institutions have witnessed this week teacher assaults. In Vendée, the principal of the college received punches a student of 13, in the Var, a schoolgirl being indicted after using it taken at the French teacher. In Villeneuve d'Ascq, a student stabbed three times her teacher.

Despite the succession of government plans against violence at school, the various facts of such mark each entry. Four points of view on this subject.

School violence: a challenge for public authorities

A teenager who strikes with fists principal, a schoolgirl after indictment will be taken to his French teacher, a student teacher slaps a relative ... Since the beginning of the year, attacks of teacher back to the "A" of the news. And policies are often without response to the phenomenon.

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The Observatory of school violence, such a good idea?

In an attempt to curb this phenomenon, the Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon, has announced the creation of an observatory of violence. The goal: to gather all available data on the subject in the same entity. But for professionals in the field, it is only a communication strategy to turn the controversy.

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School violence are stable

According to Daniel Husson, secretary general of the Autonomous Federation of solidarity, which lists the cases of violence, the latest news items are not indicative of an increase in aggression in schools. The figures are generally stable from one year to the next.

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How to restore the prestige and authority of teachers?

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