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Watching TV kills

June 11 category:Health News
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Watching TV kills

Spend 6 hours a day watching television reduce 5-year life expectancy. What do we think twice before turning on the small screen?

An Australian study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has revealed worrying figures.

Watch TV for an hour would reduce the service life of 22 minutes. For bigger fans of the small screen, or 6 hours of TV a day, life expectancy is reduced by 5 years.

The act of sitting still increase the risk of dying from a heart attack. In parallel, a Taiwanese study found that 15 minutes of exercise a day lengthen the life expectancy of 3 years.

Watching TV also increase the risk of obesity: the longer a person spends time in front of the TV, the more likely to eat automatically without being aware of the amount of food consumed.

Performed on 11,000 Australians over 25 years, the study shows that watching television would intensively as harmful as smoking or not to do physical activity.

Previous studies have shown that cigarette smoking reduces life expectancy by 11 minutes, the equivalent of a half-hour of television.

And if you smoke in front of television, we lose how many days of life?

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