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Weather: South East still orange alert despite the lull

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Weather: South East still orange alert despite the lull

Var prefecture said Sunday morning receding rivers of the department, placed in amber alert for rain and flooding as the Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes after the lull that night while calling to remain vigilant. Magnenet

Three departments of the Southeast, the Bouches-du-Rhône, Alpes-Maritimes and the Var remain Sunday morning orange alert for rain and floods, but during the Var water, the level of concern, began to decline in favor of the calm of the night.

The most affected department, the Var, the scene of deadly floods in June 2010, observed a decreased level of Gapeau, Nartuby and Argens Aval, "on the edge of infinity" after three days of rainfall that caused "a soil saturation," said the prefecture in a statement.

Only Argens Aval remains "a very high level, fed by its tributaries, including the Aille."

Rains announced in the day "should occasionally upset the expected decline," however, warns the duty sub-prefect, Boris Bernabeu, which recommends "great vigilance, especially near streams and limit his movements" .

As a precaution, the town of Hyères had made ​​Saturday night in the evacuation of hundreds of residents in an area threatened by the rising waters of Gapeau, but they were able to return home at night, according to Hall remains on alert.

Météo-France, which maintains the orange alert on the three departments to 13H, plans to "very heavy rains" in the morning.

"These rains are not particularly intense, but on the Var and the Bouches-du-Rhône are still regular and sustainable. The expected intensities remain between 2 and 6 mm per hour, so even planned accumulations of 30 to 40 mm, "said the organization in its bulletin of the morning.

Firefighters reported Sunday morning no special action related to this "Mediterranean episode".

Students evacuated

In the Alpes-Maritimes, affected by bad weather since Friday, many roads remained cut off because of landslides or falling trees.

The Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls Saturday called "caution" in this department, especially on "mountain roads" which have "very serious risk of landslides."

"A very quick study will take place of all applications' declaration of state of natural disaster, promised Mr Valls. An inter-ministerial meeting will be held in Paris on January 28 about it, according to the council.

The President (PS) of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Michel Vauzelle, will offer his side "exceptional emergency aid Feb. 21, during the next plenary meeting, in order to help the people and the economy of this area hard hit. "

A fall of more than 150 m3 of rock blocking access to the villages of Saint-Etienne de Tinée and Isola and stations Auron and Isola 2000 in the Tinée Valley (north of the department).

Purge work of the éboulée wall "will continue" Sunday, said the city Nice Côte d'Azur, adding that "the road will be reopened likely before the middle of next week," nailing the siting and fences being "necessary".

Students Snow School Auron and Jean Franco College of St. Etienne de Tinée were evacuated through a secure convoy early Saturday afternoon, according to the council.

Football: Nice maintains - OM cancel

In the hinterland of Menton, one of the areas most affected by landslides, the perched villages of Gorbio and St. Agnes were not easily accessible.

The city of Nice has banned access to beaches and a coastal path. Trees fell and many roads were impassable.

On Friday, the new lawn Nice stage, the Allianz Riviera, was bâchée in anticipation of Nice-Ajaccio match, which was able to proceed normally on Saturday night.

In Marseille on the other hand, the referees had to face the facts and cancel the meeting L1 OM-Valenciennes, a quarter of an hour before kick-off at 17h before the downpour falling on the lawn recently changed part.

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