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Wedding in Las Vegas: What you need to know

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Wedding in Las Vegas: What you need to know

Wedding chapel, shooting range, big hotel or even fast food in Las Vegas, the marriage is celebrated in unusual places. Express ceremonies recognized in France after a few formalities.

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Wedding ceremonies

In Las Vegas, also known as "Sin City" -the city of perdition-, everything is possible in marriage. The Strip, wide boulevard of the city, has about sixty chapels. From 200 dollars, the price of a ceremony varies depending on options chosen. Crazier, it is possible to unite in a shooting gallery in a restaurant in the fast food chain Denny's to say yes or no down car with drive up the formula. Also be aware that the major Las Vegas hotels like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Luxor offer wedding packages and have their own chapel.


For the French who wish to marry in Las Vegas and have their marriage recognized on their return, a passport is required. It is also necessary to publish the banns in the French town hall and then forward them to the Consulate of France in Los Angeles at least two months before the date of the ceremony. Once in Vegas, you must purchase a marriage license which costs $ 60. Following the ceremony, a marriage certificate is given to newlyweds. The marriage must then be registered with the local administrative authorities who issue official document called "Certified Abstract of Marriage" or "Full Marriage Certificate". Keep preciously.

The recognition of marriage in France

While it is entirely possible to get married in an hour in Las Vegas, the procedure to validate his marriage in France demand, as any administrative, delay. To save the marriage to the French civil status and get a family register, send the original of the American official marriage certificate to the consulate of France in Los Angeles. If you have regrets like Rachel and Ross getting married very alcoholic in the episode "The One in Vegas" Friends, know that it is possible to cancel the marriage within 24 hours.

Finally, why not return to the paradise of debauchery to celebrate your wedding anniversary or renewing your vows? For these occasions, the Americans have also planned everything ...

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