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What Louis de Funès movie was your favorite?

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What Louis de Funès movie was your favorite?

Louis de Funes in the filming of "Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" in 1973.

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"I cultivate my garden. And in my professional life as in my garden plot, I have intended to exclude the turnips!" said Louis de Funes. With over 140 films to his credit having experienced its first huge success between 45 and 50 years, Louis de Funes remains one of the greatest comic of French cinema. Even now, his biggest win roles unparalleled success every television broadcast. But among all the films Louis de Funes, which one you like best?

The Crossing of Paris and the grocer Jambier

First real success for Louis de Funes, The Crossing of Paris is an adaptation of the story by Marcel Ayme, and released in 1956. Louis de Funes rubs Bourvil and Jean Gabin in a drama around the black market under the German occupation. De Funès incarnates Jambier a miserly grocer forced to hide everything and fearing the visits of the Gestapo Jean Gabin made him fear in a mythical scene.

Stanislas Lefort in La Grande mop

One of the most successful French film, La Grande mop Gérard Oury again puts on stage the duo de Funès-Bourvil in a crossing, this time in France. The brilliant conductor Stanislas Lefort played by Louis de Funès mark the spirits with a unique distributed and as funny funniest situations. Difficult to miss replicas like Bourvil and de Funès falling face to face with gliders so that they must escape. Bourvil launching a "There's no propeller, alas" to which Louis de Funes replies "That's where the bone."

Rabbi Jacob of humor as we did more

The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob is undoubtedly one of the most famous films of Gérard Oury. Louis de Funès incarnates a Victor Pivert entangled in wildest gags as each other. Temperamental with very traditional ideas and gathering all the clichés of the petty bourgeois boss: a bit racist, anti-Semitic just a little macho ... Victor Pivert finds himself immersed in a bath of gum, and then dressed as a rabbi in a Jewish holiday etc.

Fantomas and Commissioner Juve

In 1964, Louis de Funes plays the role of Commissioner Paul Juve in the Fantômas Andre Hunebelle. The mysterious Fantômas is played by Jean Marais who supports the Commissioner of the worst humiliations while the latter, newly decorated, assured that he would capture the masked burglar. André Hunebelle realize two sequels in 1965 and 1967: Fantômas Fantômas then unleashed against Scotland Yard, both big success.

Marshal of Logis Cruchots gendarmes in Saint-Tropez

Michel Galabru and Louis de Funes form an unforgettable comic duo in French cinema thanks to Gendarme de Saint Tropez. The adventures of the gendarmerie of Saint-Tropez animated the 1960 movie theaters in 1982. The Gendarme and gendarmettes, The Gendarme in New York, The Gendarme marries, The Gendarme Takes Off are so successful Louis de Funes witnesses of a career that later reached the firmament.

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