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What the bosses earn twitter

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What the bosses earn twitter

What uses corporate bosses they make Twitter? An Ipsos study focused on the issue.

REUTERS / Regis Duvignau

"The boss who tweet ... and those who do not tweet." The Ipsos polling institute published a qualitative study on the uses of the bosses in the US micro-blogging site Twitter. Among the fifteen executives surveyed, Véronique Bourez, CEO of Coca-Cola France, François Gri, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs, and Jean-David Chamboredon, head of ISAI and co-spokesman of the movement of Pigeons.

First observation: the patterns seen in the social network a "beautiful space of freedom." Media to more than 500 million subscribers seduces because it offers the unexpected, spontaneity and a human point of view of the information circulating. The opposite of often locked group communications.

Among the factors that encourage them to register, "the prior presence on social media in general, having a blog for a long time, the taste quickly capture new, agility to master technically the tool "and" directing a digital company, an advertising agency, a company 'B to C', "observe the authors of the study. Instead, the leader of a mark "B to B", a company that is not looking for visibility or a large group where communication is restricted, is less likely to pass the course.

A cautious observation phase

Most also going through a phase of observation to understand the codes of Twitter. The blazing speed of movement of "tweets", multiple political blunders or celebrities in more than a scare.

"Many employers are afraid of their direction of communication, there is always that little worry of getting caught. What can we say? What should we say? (...) The question is still there," sums one respondent leader. Many are seeking to embody their business with more flesh than an official account, but with rules: no politics, no privacy, and humor in moderation ...

Benefits in terms of images

A boss who spends time on Twitter disseminating information -and not by using it there only as a tool-wake "committed significant benefits" in terms of image among its employees and the public, Yet Ipsos says. "The return on investment is not clear but it is part of a modern image, it's a fantastic relay, an international network. It participates in the virtuous circle we are trying to build around us," ignites a witness.

The study then identified six typical profiles. The digital entrepreneurs are those who have the most integrated Twitter in their professional lives, communication recruitment, through the day before or the testing of new ideas. Then come the general public corporate bosses, where the network is used for external communication lever, as well as groups or subsidiaries of multinationals, which use it for their com internally.

Others are content to ensure more they share, when the more sociable to build a network. Finally arrive bosses who consider too low skilled, uninteresting, or simply lack of time. A "mapping" actually quite close to Twitter use among employees.

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