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Which will drop to 1 January 2014

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Which will drop to 1 January 2014

Culture will be the big winner in 2014 with the fall in the VAT rate from 7 to 5.5% for the cinema and live shows. Huguen

2014 will impact heavily on household purses. Increase stamp prices (4.8%) and the Mail rates (3%). Rising prices of home insurance between 2.5 and 5% increase in health insurance 3% increase in car insurance from 0.1% to 2.8%. The increases are many and diverse. But what about the cuts?

Bank charges

As of 1 January 2014, the bank charges will be capped by measuring validated during the separation law and regulation of banking, enacted last summer. The new banking law provides for two types of ceiling for intervention commissions. The first, which applies to all, is eight per transaction and 80 USD per month. For the second ceiling, with respect to persons in financial fragility, the ceiling will be four per transaction with a maximum of twenty euros per month. Populations are considered "fragile" those listed more than three months at the Bank of France. It is the same for people in debt distress or persons benefiting from the range of alternative means of payment (GPA) in check.

Tax on income indexed to inflation

If there is indeed a higher tax burden, the tax schedule on income will be indexed to inflation again in 2014. The French whose salary has not increased more than prices therefore pay no additional tax. According to the state, currently taxed 200,000 homes will no longer be next year. A true "tax break" for these families.

At the same time, to encourage small taxpayers, the amount of the discount, a system that reduces the income tax payable will be increased from 480 euros to 508 euros.

VAT on certain sectors

If VAT will rise and will change as of 1 January 2014, with an intermediate rate of 7% increased to 10%, and a standard rate of 19.6% observed in 20%, some products will have their VAT decreased. Culture is thus the winner this autumn 2014. Aurélie Filippetti announced in September, there will be a decline of two points of VAT of 7 to 5.5% on cinema tickets. "I wish there was a reduced rate of VAT for culture." Not sure however that the movie instead of price drops for everyone accordingly. This will in any case, for those under 14 years old to qualify for a cinema ticket child 4 euros. For adults, it is expected that at least, cinema tickets for the price does not increase (right away). The VAT reduction will also affect the performing arts: theater, concert and circus.

Another reduction in VAT, which impacts the thermal renovations. Currently up to 7%, it also will increase to 5.5%. The objective is clear, to encourage individuals to drive these more environmentally friendly renovations. VAT on condoms she will also decrease from 7 to 5.5%. Assessed down 10 to 20 cents per pack. As estimates the Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, "The condom is really decisive".

In terms of transport, so do not expect declines. Only TGV ticket prices decrease on January 1, but only for that day.

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