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Why Arnaud Lagardère concerned

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Why Arnaud Lagardère concerned

Arnaud Lagardère and his girlfriend, Jade Forest, at Roland Garros on 25 May 2011.

REUTERS / Vincent Kessler

A video that arouses ridicule and criticism

The staging of his love for Jade Forest mannequin prompted numerous internal reactions. La Tribune, which devotes Monday folder to Lagardère, a member of the staff of the group is loose: "They say it is Liliane Bettencourt need to bring it under control and Arnaud Lagardère At least L.? L'Oréal is managed. " Another executive interviewed by the Tribune regrets: "For six months, the group is stopped Arnaud shifts or cancels all his appointments.".

In Libération, employees of EADS also give their heart: "What is sad is that it looks like a baby on this video." And another to ensure: "It says a lot about him, as if he had not finished growing." Le Monde went for the reaction Guy Wyser-Pratte, the financier who, last year, tried to break the partnership structure of the group. Here too, not stung to:.. "He makes a 'performance' in the American sense of the term, with a model who is a head taller than him ... He ridicules It is not up to It acts like a buffoon! "

A whimsical personality

On the death of his father, Arnaud Lagardère has inherited an empire whose management is increasingly contested. He seems to care. In the case of suspected insider trading at EADS, he was eventually cleared, even to justify his lack of delays in the design of the A-380 so naive to say the least: "I have the choice of impersonate any dishonest or incompetent, who does not know what is happening in its factories. I assume this second version. " Arnaud Lagardère also has a habit of not honoring his appointments without warning. La Tribune tells how he zapped the retirement of Jean-Louis Nachury, former president of Hachette-Distribution. It runs regularly in Florida, away from the group of the command center, fueling the annoyance of his absences and casually. In a survey he spent it in April 2010, Renaud Revel, L'Express, and wrote: "Evasion: such a disconcerting habit and unheard in this elusive figure of the CAC 40".

A fuzzy strategy

The Lagardère Group is present in the media, publishing, distribution, civil aviation and armament ... But all these activities are not interested Arnaud Lagardère, far from it, which since his arrival at the Group head a pruning strategy, the same one that was challenging Guy Wyser-Pratte but was finally confirmed by the shareholders. He retired Capital of the World, has sold a license to TNT Bolloré, its international magazines to US Hearst, and seeks to get rid of minority shares held in groups Amaury, Marie-Claire and Canal +. Lagardère is still present in EADS, although Arnaud sold half of its shares in 2006 and has always said he wanted to leave the aerospace group. But not at any price. The share price at around 28 euros on Monday, is considered too low at the moment. Anyway, what really interests Arnaud Lagardère, the sport promoted group's new growth engine. This is an area where he has many networks that saw invest 1 billion euros in its subsidiary Lagardère Unlimited, which manages the image of some 350 athletes. But profitability could use some work. The subsidiary posted a net loss of 96 million euros to 396 million in revenue in 2010.

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