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Why Urssaf claimed 3.8 million euros to Bernard Tapie

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Why Urssaf claimed 3.8 million euros to Bernard Tapie

Financially unable to adjust the club Olympique de Marseille deposit balance in 1993, the Urssaf Bouches-du-Rhône decided to claim before the Marseille Commercial Court unpaid debts by Bernard Tapie this time. Horvat

The case dates back to 1993. Bernard Tapie, then president of Olympique Marseille, had personally stood surety to the Urssaf of the limited company OM, he led. But in 1995, the club of bankruptcy and personal liquidation of spouses Tapie, made it unlikely the possibility of repayment.

A situation that has obviously evolved since the favorable arbitration Tapie made in 2008 and 403 million euros has seen the businessman as part of its dispute with the Consortium of realization (CDR).

Deliberate on February 24

In any case the analysis has presented today counsel for the Urssaf, Fabien Pérez The board argued that the claim of the time was final. - Provisional and not as the urssaf had declared in error - and therefore always due today.

In support of his application, he reported a series of "stress" of Urssaf between 1992 and 1994 claiming payment of its debts, as well as a schedule signed by Bernard Tapie pledging to repay debts Social club until December 1994. "Today we ask for payment of the entire debt of € 3.8 million, which is divided between the constraints on € 1.2 million enforceable value and the remainder of this timeline signed in early 1994, "said Mr. Perez.

For its part, the businessman's lawyer, Vincent Pinatel, estimates that the debt is "off" because the Urssaf "never confirmed" its provisional claim. "If the debt is off, then the deposit is also off," he added. The court has reserved judgment on the 24th of February.

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