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"Women's football is cleaner"

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"Women's football is cleaner"

France's Gaetane Thiney (C) tries to pass entre Germany's Babett Peter (L) and Saskia Bartusiak DURING Their Women's World Cup Group A soccer match in Monchengladbach July 5, 2011. REUTERS / Wolfgang Rattay (GERMANY - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)


Go blue! The slogan is the same. Yet these are not the players Laurent Blanc who dispute a World Cup but the female football team France. For two seasons, this discipline is trying to catch up and establish itself as a major sport of the hexagon. A fad for some, a social phenomenon for others.

The number of licensed registered by the French Football Federation (FFF) is increasing. In 1999, 31,756 girls were practicing football club in France. In 2010, they were 55 605. If the number of players still lower than players -more than 2 million-seduces sport and attracts more and more women.

"Women's football has exploded this year with the victory of Olympique Lyonnais in the final of the Champions League," said Xavier Breuil Sports historian and author of the history of women's football in Europe (1916-2011). Since European title, the French public discovered a sport "different, more attractive, and in which France excels," he analyzes.

A good result which helped highlight a little-known sport. "Women's football is cleaner, contacts are less rough. And the girls do not technically have nothing to envy to men," Sandrine analysis Mathivet coach Football Club Juvisy-sur-Orge, one of the first women's division club . The game is slower than the men's game, but it is more tactical. "Women's football is a homecoming," she says. An analysis Xavier Breuil sharing: "We found a sport that was practiced by men in the 1970s."

The bad image of men's football

The fiasco of the team of France in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and premium scandals, then the quotas to the FFF, have tarnished the image of footballers ... but not footballers! "Historically, when the men's game is questioned, the public turns to the women's competitions", our specialist.

Women have a strictly opposite picture to that of men. While some players earn several million euros per season, most of France championship players have no professional status and employment. Two hats that appeals to the public, says the historian. "We like the side 'worker' players' and discarded side 'star system' of the male football."

France in late

If women's football in France is in the process of development, therefore it lags behind the other countries. In the US, for example, soccer is a sport played primarily by the fairer sex. So much across the Atlantic, footballers are relegated to the background! In Germany, same success. The stands are full stadiums during the women's championship matches. Sandrine Mathivet the difference is cultural. "The role of women is not the same in Latin societies, such as France, as in Northern Europe or the United States."

In France, this delay is particularly noticeable among the younger generations. "We see in clubs: some girls do not dare to come again in football because of the image of 'tomboy' for an assignment," says Sandrine Mathivet. Prejudice is not irretrievable, according Xavier Breuil. "We can catch up. Thanks to the media, see a girl on a football field will be less and less marginal."

All players in the women's game today campaigning for better media coverage of their sport means more licensed and sponsors. But caution must at all costs "avoid pollution of the sport by money," warns the historian.

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