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Worrying disappearance of a Boeing Malaysia Airlines, 4 French on board

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Worrying disappearance of a Boeing Malaysia Airlines, 4 French on board

Relatives of passgers Malaysia Airlines aircraft disappeared at Beijing airport March 8, 2014. Ralston

A Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines providing the connection between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing has disappeared with 239 people on board. Among them four French according to the company, information that has not been confirmed yet by the Quai d'Orsay. Malaysian press began to discuss a possible crash. "The Malaysian Navy is in touch with his Vietnamese counterparts to check the report of a plane wreck near an island in the south," reports The Star Malaysian media.

More than twelve hours after losing contact with the unit, authorities still were not able to locate the MH370 flight, carrying 227 passengers of various nationalities and 12 crew members. According to the Vietnamese government, the aircraft lost contact near the airspace of the province of Ca Mau in the south of the country. He should have contact with air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City to 5:22 p.m. GMT but never appeared.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Defence has launched a rescue mission in coordination with Malaysia and China, he added. The authorities have sent a plane, two helicopters and four ships to search an area of ​​the South China Sea, said Faridah Shuib, spokesman of the Agency's monitoring of maritime affairs in Malaysia. The Philippines also sent three Navy ships and surveillance aircraft. The company said that the plane had not sent a distress signal nor any indication identifying a problem.

Families uninformed

The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200, left Kuala Lumpur on Saturday at 0:41 and was to arrive in Beijing at 6:30 local (10:30 p.m. GMT Friday). But it disappeared Saturday at 2:40 local (6:40 p.m. GMT Friday), about two hours after takeoff, according to the company. "We are very saddened this morning by the information on the flight MH370," said the CEO of Malaysia Airlines Ahmad Jauhari Yahya at a press conference. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and crew, as well as their family members." "Our priority now is to work with the rescue teams and the authorities," he added, noting work with the Vietnamese to locate the aircraft.

The flight was to pass over the South China Sea and of the Indochinese peninsula before entering Chinese airspace. "The information we worry a lot," said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a statement. "We hope that all passengers are safe. We are doing everything possible to get more details." Chinese and Thai authorities have indicated that the aircraft was not entered their airspace.

In Beijing, the airport screens initially indicated that the flight was "delayed" before displaying "canceled".

Arrivals board in Beijing # MH370

- Philip Wen (@ PhilipWen11) March 8, 2014

Responsible for the Beijing airport said that emergency structure was put in place. At the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, passengers of family members waited in anguish. "They did not give us any information so far," complained a man stating that his niece and her husband was on board, to spend a week's holiday in Chine.Boeing, meanwhile, was commented on Twitter: "We are closely following information about the MH370 Our thoughts are with all those on board.".

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has recorded only few accidents. The worst accident in its 66-year history took place in 1977, when an aircraft had crashed in southern Malaysia after a diversion, killing 93 passengers and seven members would crash équipage.Un a blow to the company, which is losing money for years against competitors such as the low-cost carrier AirAsia. Malaysia Airlines, who admitted in 2012 to be "in crisis", recorded its fourth consecutive quarter of losses during the last three months of 2013.

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