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Your weekly news: holiday Holland overdose Olympics and Golden Rule

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Your weekly news: holiday Holland overdose Olympics and Golden Rule

HOLIDAY - Francois Hollande and members of the government are trying to keep a low profile during their rest time. Even exaggerating.


Holiday Mr. Normal

Above all, stay in the shade. François Hollande, Jean-Marc Ayrault and their ministers vying discretion during their vacation. L'Express, users are wondering: should see a responsible attitude or a stroke of communication?

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"It's window dressing, there is no sincerity Hollande playing a game. He takes the train, but with journalists that one is aware he needs that we speak him, he wants us to believe that it is close to the people. All this is only cinema. "Jocyval

Indigestion Olympics

Swimming, judo, athletics, tennis ... After two weeks of sports on TV, some are beginning to experience unwanted side effects. TheAdele admit our contributor: too many kills OJ OJ. "Fifteen hours per day on over France Télévisions, 300 hours in total over the 15 days of competition in 26 disciplines represented by 204 delegations and more than 10,000 enthusiastic athletes he'll have to cram a moment in the small window, the figures give dizzy. After the excitement of the first times, will we to swallow all those hours of sometimes indigestible dish? "

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The golden rule

The Constitutional Council ruled: no need to revise the Constitution to integrate the Stability and Growth Pact. The Government will therefore vote an organic law. Our contributor Fabien Cazenave considers that a European referendum would have been a better way to get it passed, "It is not the complexity of the fiscal treaty to justify not having a referendum It is the project's supporters. to give a key that will want to ratify the treaty or not. "

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