November 30 category:Books
Philippe Jaccottet in Paris in 1987. © FLORENCE PONCET This is an expected consecration: the work of Philippe Jaccottet published in the collection of the Library of the Pleiades. It was running since Starobinski, friend, prefaced in 1971 in the coll
November 30 category:Fashion
Obama and Putin have called on the Ukrainian crisis. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst Live Update This live is completed. Thank you for follow-up. You can find updated information on the situation in Ukraine by clicking on our record. The key points to remem
November 30 category:Topicality
Advertising the General Council of Moselle DR "If a communication operation can sometimes choose an angle offset grip, used the visual message certainly not aimed at any provocation." This Thursday the Moselle General Council issued a state
November 30 category:Economy
A steelmaker in 2006 by Ascométal in Fos-sur-Mer. The group employs 1,900 people. Horvat The steel group Ascométal, which employs 1,900 employees, was placed in receivership Friday by the Commercial Court of Nanterre (Paris region), wit
November 30 category:Political
The case of recordings made by Patrick Buisson splashes foremost one who promoted him in the first circle of power, Nicolas Sarkozy, who allowed himself to be fooled by "a small militia," say many columnists. Bonaventure, Mig
November 30 category:Receipts
Noodles crunchy red cabbage-almond-sesame. C. Soler For 1 person. Preparation 5 min. Cooking 15 min Ingredients 1 package of instant noodles 100 g of red cabbage 1 green onion 1 tsp. tablespoons olive oil 2 tbsp. soy sauce soup a little white sesame
November 30 category:Topicality
sun Screenshot Weather France All winter, unusually wet and windy weather endured by our regions has much occupied the headlines and conversations at the coffee machine. And for good reason: very mild temperatures for the past three months have been
November 30 category:Media
Page 3 gatecrash the front of the Sun on Tuesday. Self-service That's one way to say the least original shut up the fiercest opponents of the famous page 3 of the Sun, one of the institutions of the English press that sees ask every day for decades y
November 29 category:Europe
Weakened by a second compromising wiretapping, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has clamped down on Thursday against the Muslim leader he accuses of plotting against him by challenging him to come face off in the polls in Turkey.
November 29 category:Policy Areas
Former Sports Minister David Douillet Judo and big messes in Rouen right. Reuters David Douillet is again talking about him in the capital of Normandy. The former judoka, Norman origin, is invited in the squabble of the Rouen right. And not necessari
November 29 category:Topicality
The Lake Woodruff National Park, Florida, on Tuesday released images showing an otter devouring a young alligator. Screen capture of Facebook It is not good to be an alligator reserve. National Park Lake Woodruff, Florida, shared this week on his Fac
November 29 category:Economy
After almost seven years of work on this project, the government has decided to cancel the design of the National Pay Operator which was supposed to manage payroll of 2.5 million civil servants in 2017. AFP / PHILIPPE HUGUEN The ax fell. After invest
November 29 category:Education
Paris Sorbonne University and UPMC. Two French universities retain a place in the winners of THE (Times Higher Education) based on reputation, published March 5, 2014. AFP / Stephane Sakutin Municipal elections 2014. Marie-Christine Lemardeley (Sorbo
November 29 category:High Tech
Poker away some rugs to interfere in our smartphones. Getty Images / iStockphoto The major players in online poker have developed applications for smartphones to satisfy players who want to bet freely and nomadic manner. Winamax, a simple to use inte
November 28 category:Catwalks
Catwalks: what is it for? Imaxtree Oxford Circus, the temple of londonnien shopping. Primark teaches specialist small price, just put on display a black and white top with the inscription "Parental Advisory". Its design looks familiar, and
November 28 category:Asia
Relatives of passgers Malaysia Airlines aircraft disappeared at Beijing airport March 8, 2014. Ralston A Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines providing the connection between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing has disappeared with 239 people on board. Amo
November 28 category:Career Management
On the occasion of the Day of Women's Rights, lawyer Mary-Daphne Fishelson analyzes the implications of the draft law on gender equality. Flickr / shoothead The Cabinet Garanderie & Associates The draft law on gender equality it contains crucial
November 28 category:Rugby
Cardiff, 21 February 2014. Nicolas Mas and the Blues will be keen to win against Scotland and forget the Welsh shower. REUTERS / Rebecca Naden Tournament still in play The XV of France was royally banana it a fortnight ago in Cardiff. On the basis of
November 28 category:Shape
The final weeks of preparation for the marathon focus on recovery. Getty Images / iStockphoto A few weeks before the marathon, your training must evolve and focus on recovery. Shorten your sessions, but keep a good pace. Lighten your program, but not
November 28 category:Political
Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon does not mince words in the columns of Le Parisien. Andrieu François Fillon responded to cases that were revealed this week in the press and that affect the UMP. The former prime minister said in a

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