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Trial Colonna amnesia wife

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Trial Colonna amnesia wife

General view of the courtroom Before the Trial of Suspected gunman Yvan Colonna in Paris' courthouse May 2, 2011. Colonna, a Corsican shepherd accusé of murdering Claude Erignac, faces trial is third. Colonna Was condamné in 2007 and 2009 to life in jail for the 1998 murder. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier (FRANCE - Tags: CRIME LAW)

REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

"In fact, I know very little." Nicole Huber-Balland, who shares the life of Joseph Versini - sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2003 for the murder of the prefect Erignac - was heard Friday by the Penal Court of Paris Yvan Colonna judge. At the helm, this woman of 62, black suit and dyed auburn hair, proved concise. Even laconic.

His pitch tirelessly repeated in court? The only name never mentioned by her husband that of Alain Ferrandi; it ignores everything else. The minutes - played on the court - its various interrogations yet bind the name of the shepherd Cargèse to the commando who killed Claude Erignac. "I do not recognize my words," said the witness who said that the name of Colonna was blown him by the police.

"As I was not talking, I was led to read the minutes of Pierre Alessandri which included the names of the group. (...) I was confused. (...) The police were the questions and the answers. So I finally thought ... "

After four days - and nights - in custody in the "cold", "no cover" and without a change of clothes, Nicole is questioned by the judge, Gilbert Thiel. "He synthesized what was said during the custody," she says. Hence the case, again, the name of Yvan Colonna among members of "Anonymous". Lugged to interview examination, the witness explained that it was "difficult to sort fact from fiction, to be sincere and to have all his mental capacity in these conditions." "I felt very dirty, I said yes for it to end so I could go home."

Yet until 2003 trial, Nicole does not return to his testimony. "I did not even think," she loose. "You may be afraid to tell the truth today have this bar launches Me Chabert, representing the state. It is easier to be before a judge that before a criminal court."

Less and less comfortable, the companion of Versini, who testified to the five trial sigh emphatically. "I can not anymore." Colonna's lawyers do not dwell on that witness. Their attention is elsewhere. At the resumed hearing on Friday afternoon, the former girlfriend of Alain Ferrandi, key witness, did not appear at the hearing and explained in a letter to the court that did not intend to. During his detention in May 1999, Jeanne Finidori had delivered a damning version for the accused. Does the court will force the next witness on the stand?

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